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═════════════════ That's Right! (1992 - 1994) ═════════════════

WELL, WE HAD a mutiny on our hands, we left Shanghai and created a whole new band!

That's Right! was a great little band, I was once again playing with Jeff Stevenson. He is without doubt the best guitarist I have ever played with and I have great memories of gigs I've done with him over the years.


Unfortunately Jeff has been out of the business for some time now and I'm not sure he will ever be back, such a shame and waste of a great talent.


So, back to That's Right!

Line-Up One 
Cameron Mason – Lead Vocals 
Noel Funicello – Bass/Vocals 
Leigh Randal – Guitar/Vocals 
Jeff Stevenson – Guitar/Vocals 
Greg Morris – Drums/Samples/Vocals

As I mentioned, myself, Cameron, Noel and later Jeff were in Shanghai and broke away with Leigh to form That's Right! We did the usual things, rehearse, record a demo and started to gig, things were going well but unfortunately Noel decided to leave. He wanted to devote more time with his wife in their work with underprivileged kids. A noble cause to be sure and one we all supported.

We advertised for a new Bass player and along comes Andrew Judd.


Line-Up Two 
Cameron Mason – Lead Vocals 
Andrew Judd – Bass 
Leigh Randal – Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals 
Jeff Stevenson – Guitar/Vocals 
Greg Morris – Drums/Samples/Vocals

Guess what? We rehearse and start to gig and things are going well .... or are they?

Hang on, Andrew isn't quite right for this band and for a change we part company with him and ask him to leave!


Look out, before we have time to re-group and move on Cameron admits he wants to get back into his first real love in music Country/Rock. Now I wouldn't have picked Cameron for a Country/Rock artist but as it turns out he's brilliant and doing very well for himself in Victoria these days.


Luckily Jeff is a Lead Vocalist too so we advertise for another Bass player and Enzo Magistro turns up.

Line-Up Three 
Enzo Magistro – Bass 
Leigh Randal – Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals 
Jeff Stevenson – Guitar/Lead Vocals 
Greg Morris – Drums/Samples/Vocals

OK this is better, the four of us get on like a house on fire and this line-up lasts to the end and does the most socialising, gigging, recording and even a couple of videos which I have added to this page along with a few songs (see below). Original songs are in the mix as well and that's always fun.


I'm not sure why but it all started to go stale, maybe gigs started to dry up or lack of motivation or both? I know I was the one to leave and this actually marked the first time I would leave a band. I've been sacked and bands have folded but I have never left a band before, apart from Shanghai I guess?


I do know that not long before I left I started to work with Mark Laidler as he's now owner operator of little BIG Rigs PA Hire and doing very well hiring out his PA to many Sydney bands. I offered to come along and do some lugging for a bit of fun and to catch up as we hadn't seen each other for years. We would talk about adding more lights to the rig and one thing led to another and he bought some additional lighting gear and needed someone to run it and he offered it to me. So, little BIG Rigs PA & Lighting Hire was born.


We offered it to a couple of bands for them to see what I could do and they liked it. Not long after this I was working every Sunday at Clovelly Hotel with Mark. He had the Sunday residency there, so we took the lights along one Sunday for management to see them and they liked it too. I ended up doing that gig every weekend with him. Every Sunday a new band would see what the lights were like and more and more bands started to hire Mark and I for their other gigs. We were quite a force for a while there! I like to think I was quite good at it too, I found it quite creative to light a band and I had heaps of fun doing it as well and spending time with my friend Mark is always a good thing.


This turned out to last about six and a half years and would see me working most weekends. This put huge pressure on any band I was in. As you will see, I won't be in another band with any longevity till I stop working with Mark mid 2000.


So I guess That's Right! may have suffered from me being busy doing the lighting.

Either way, when I leave, That's Right! folds and Jeff and I decide to do something a little different ........... Peabody Deluxe if you will?

Somebody Up There - That's Right!

Credits - Videos

Filmed at: EurovisionHomebush West NSW.

Director/Editor: Leigh Randall 

Credits - Audio

Recorded at Hampton 'Coarse' StudiosCarlton NSW.

Engineer: Jeff Stevenson

Written by Tony Crisafulli & Jeff Stevenson

You Only Saved My Life - That's Right!

Credits - Videos

Filmed at: EurovisionHomebush West NSW. Director/Editor: Leigh Randall 

Credits - Audio

Recorded at Hampton 'Coarse' StudiosCarlton NSW. Engineer: Jeff Stevenson

Written by Jeff Stevenson

══════════ That's Right! Demos & Live! (1993) ══════════

Tracks 1 & 2 Recorded at Hampton 'Coarse' Studios, Carlton NSW. Engineer: Jeff Stevenson

Track 3 Recorded live at Clovelly RSLClovelly NSW. Sound Engineer: Mark Laidler


Track 1 written by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards (originally recorded by The Rolling Stones in 1989)

Track 2 written by Garry Gary BeersAndrew FarrissJon FarrissTim FarrissMichael Hutchence & Kirk Pengilly

(originally recorded by INXS in 1982)

Track 3 written by Joe Satriani (originally recorded by Joe Satriani in 1987)



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