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═══════════════════ Peabody Deluxe (1994) ═══════════════════

Jeff Stevenson (Madgewick Q. Peabody) - Guitar/Bass/Vocals 
Greg Morris (Lardsworth Deluxe) - Digital Drums/Percussion/Vocals

MADGEWICK Q. PEABODY and Lardsworth Deluxe were Peabody Deluxe and started out as an idea of Jeff and I to record some songs on his Tascam 246 4 Track Cassette Recorder and do an albums worth of material. All were original songs that we had either been doing live over the years in bands like The Undecided? or That's Right!. Plus Jeff had a few new songs that we just developed as we were recording.


I like to think Jeff and I clicked not only personally but musically too. I think he's a great writer and his guitar playing is sensational, as I've said before he is Magic. We worked well together and never once had any disagreements about any of the songs, basically as long as we did it Jeff's way it was fine


No that's not true, we genuinely have similar tastes in music and Jeff can write a cracking Pop song which he knows I will just love. Have a listen to Are You Looking For Me? as an example, it still sends shivers up my spine.

He lived on Hampton Court Road at Carlton so we called his place Hampton 'Coarse' Studios. We got together every time on the weekend that I wasn't working with Mark doing the PA & Lighting. It took months, we just kept going till it was finished.

I had a Yamaha DD-11 Digital Drum Machine, which I had used live with That's Right! It had 9 pads that we MIDIed to Jeff's Drum Machine (can't remember which one it was now) so we could trigger different drum sounds.


I could play it like a real kit of drums, it had a foot pad for the Kick Drum as well. So even though it sounds like a drum machine, it's actually me playing it as opposed to just programming the beats.


It was a lot fun, that's for sure and we never once bugged the neighbours as we used headphones all the time.

After we had finished recording, the urge to start up another band kicked in and once again Peter Downy and Tony Crisafulli were asked to come on board. We managed only one gig before the pressure of me working with Mark doing the PA & Lighting, again got in the way, so we disbanded.

But, I still have the great memories of the time spent with Jeff recording and of coarse ..... the songs.


I have included some of my favourite songs on this page (see player below).


Please remember though, it's done on a 4 track in someone's home so it won't sound like it was recorded at Abbey Road Studios ......... or does it?




So who's a Pretty Boy then?


═══════════════════ Peabody Deluxe (1994) ═══════════════════

All tracks Recorded at Hampton 'Coarse' StudiosCarlton NSW. Engineer: Jeff Stevenson



All tracks written by Jeff Stevenson

Except track 4 written by Tony Crisafulli & Jeff Stevenson

& Track 7 written by Jeff Stevenson & Greg Morris

I've made some videos and added them to YouTube (see below)



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