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══════════════════════════ Rocks (1978) ══════════════════════════

THE SAME NIGHT I was kicked out of Johnny Dole & The Scabs I spoke to Bill and told him I’m available if you want a drummer and I was welcomed with open arms.

Rocks at the time were a 3 piece with Bill on drums and lead vocals. Although Bill's preferred instrument is guitar, the band needed a drummer so Bill jumped in and took on that roll. While he became quite a good drummer, I think he was happy to be up front and to get away from being stuck behind a kit of drums. As a front man he excelled as well, quite the talent is my friend Bill.

Line-Up Two
Bill Webb (a.k.a. Bill Posters) Lead Vocals 
Peter Davie Guitar/Vocals 
Steve Vanderschoot Bass/Lead Vocals 
Greg Morris Drums/Vocals

Johnny Dole & The Scabs were responsible for booking the bands at The Grand Hotel – Broadway and around October 1977 I had called Bill to see what he was doing musically. Bill has always loved a good garage band and Punk Rock surely would be something he would embrace. I wasn’t wrong and not only was he in a Punk Rock band but there was Peter and Steve from those early days of jamming after school too. So I arranged a date for them to play at the Grand Hotel which was 12th November 1977. To me it always felt inevitable I would be in a band with them someday but I didn’t know when it would happen.

Well, it was to happen sooner than I thought and differently than I would have liked as well. If I hadn't been kicked out of Johnny Dole & The Scabs, I wouldn't have joined Rocks. In no way did that diminish my love for Rocks, it’s another band I look back on with great pride.

When I joined Rocks on the Thursday 17th February 1978 it was still the early days of Punk Rock in Sydney. Although we only lasted a short 4 months after I joined we managed to do some great gigs.

We recorded and released an E.P. ‘You’r So Boring’ (see player below) which has gone on to be a sought after collector’s item. The last known mint copy sold for $810.00 US.

Boy have we regretted giving away the copies that didn’t sell when we disbanded!!

The reasons why the band came to an end are not for print here but suffice to say it wasn’t because of the usual reasons a band breaks up. We are still all good friends to this day it was just something that happened. So much so we did a 30th Anniversary Show back in 2007 at Vic On The Park – Marrickville and it was one of the best nights I’ve been involved with. The four of us just click as a band and that is rare and a privilege to be part of.

So, back to late 1978, soon after Rocks had split up Bill called with a proposal for another band with Peter and another bass player he knew, “Sure, I’m in”.


My next band .... The Prisoners.

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Recorded in July 1982 at Fringe Headquarters Menai NSW Australia

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═══════════════════════ You'r So Boring ════════════════════════


All tracks Recorded at Axent Recording StudiosKogarah NSW. Engineer: Ross McGregor



Tracks 1, 3 & 4 written by Bill Posters

Tracks 2, 5 & 6 written by Steve Vanderschoot



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