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═══════════════════════ Relay (1975 - 1976) ═══════════════════════

RELAY TURNED OUT to be a band that never gigged and in fact we never had a full line up except for one very short period of time, if memory serves me well it was about a week!

Kevin Jacobson – Guitar
Dave Lamers – Bass 
Greg Morris – Drums

I have no idea why but we could never find a singer, we did have one guy who was great, I can’t even remember his name or how he came into the picture but for that short week or so we were sounding pretty damn good.

So, basically all we did was jam, we learnt a few songs but without vocals it really was pretty pointless rehearsing just songs so we pretty much got together and jammed once or twice a week. They were really nice guys and it would be great to know how they are doing these days and to catch up.

Kev is one of the best guitarists I have worked with since starting out; he was ahead of his time that’s for sure. The last I heard of him he had gone overseas, the US I think and the more I think about it, I think that’s why we broke up.

Dave was a very solid player and he and I clicked musically and personally from the beginning, the last time I saw him was back in the early 80’s when he was hiring a room at the back of his house for bands to rehearse in at Como. We called it the Sweat Box, no air conditioning and the walls had about 6 layers of carpet on them.

So, not much to report about this band other than I had a ball jamming for hours and we got pretty tight.

I do remember one conversation I had with Dave just after we had decided not to continue. I’m not sure why but he seemed to be concerned that I got into a band that was in his mind a good band. I think I knew what he meant though, maybe not to waste my talent. A great compliment to me to be sure but I think he would have looked at my next band as the opposite of good.


Me on the other hand, I was about to join what turned out to be my favourite of all the bands I have been in. It was only for a short period of time but one I look back on as the most creative and dare I say it, the most important?

Johnny Dole & The Scabs, here I come!

*** UPDATE 2016 ***

AH THE WONDERS of modern technology!!


Thanks to the internet and incredibly through this website, both Dave and Kev have seen it while doing searches for other things and both e-mailed me almost at the same time. Dave lives in Queensland now and Kev is living in Cambodia where he is involved with helping underprivileged children.


I caught up with Dave when he came to Sydney in early 2016 and we had the chance to reminisce and it was great to see him after all these years.



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