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═════════ Average Wedding Band (1999 - 2001) ═══════

AVERAGE WEDDING BAND at first was an idea to cater to the wedding market doing songs that would suit a wedding type of gig but soon reverted back to doing other songs we really wanted to do.

Unfortunately it was another band that never gigged. We rehearsed quite a bit and were sounding pretty good but we never got to a point where we would start to think about looking for gigs.


Mark Laidler – Guitar/Vocals 
Peter Downy – Bass/Vocals 
Greg Morris – Drums/Vocals

One of the biggest problems was that Mark and I were still doing the PA & Lighting so there really wasn’t a lot of time to put into the band. Just getting a repertoire sorted out took ages. It probably went on for 12 - 18 months but I was happy to be playing again.

Peter had a gig offered to him and we decided to flesh the band out to do the gig and Jeff Stevenson and Tony Crisafulli were recruited to help out. Initially Jeff was interested in continuing with the band, so for a short time the first line-up of The Undecided? were back together.


Ultimately Jeff decided the PA & Lighting was going to be an issue and to be honest it was, so he pulled the plug and left. I don’t think the songs we were doing were really his thing either. So, back to a 3 piece.


In July 2000 the GST kicked in and this really put a stop to bands hiring lights with the PA. Almost overnight Mark went back to doing gigs by himself and using static lights. With more and more free time, I was itching to move things along with the band. The desire to play more consistently and build a working band again was gathering momentum. By this time Tony’s latest band Wog's R Us had folded so he was available to join, which he did. All this managed to do was put more pressure on Mark and he left as he really couldn’t do both the PA and be in a band.


Peter knew a guitarist Greg Willis and he came on board. We did a gig for Peter’s wife Penny, for her 40th at their house. This was an opportunity to see if this was something we wanted to pursue further.


It was.


Tony contacted a family friend Mark Killey, who I had played with years earlier in the Re-Elected Ronald Regans. After explaining our plans Mark was happy to be part of it.

So, we had a band but we needed a name ...... prepare for the stampede.


It's Mad Cow ...... the band not the disease!



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