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 Tony Crisafulli - Lead Vocals  

Tony “T-Bone” Crisafulli has been “Rockin' in the free world” for the past 37 years.​

During which time he's been in numerous bands, from originals to show bands, through to party cover bands.

Culminating in being one of the founding members of the 4 times ACE Award nominated band Mad Cow!

He's a strong and handsome Taurus (of course), who's favourite film is Apocalypse Cow.

His favourite drink is a beef smoothie and his favourite singer is ... Meat Loaf!!

He's always looking forward to the next “round- up!”


 Emilia Pirri-Depares - Lead Vocals  

Emilia Pirri-Depares (Daisy Tenderloin to her friends) has been entertaining patrons overseas and in Australia for the last couple of decades. Hailing from Adelaide where she worked with many bands and hitting her stride when she moved to Sydney.

Emilia worked with these crazy Mad Cow's for more than 8 years and has also worked with many bands around Sydney, including Wild Cherry and guest appearances with Groovology, Jessica & The Sugar Daddys and Partners In Rhyme ... but for her there's no better pastures than working with Mad Cow again.

Emilia is always ready to rock and loves to deliver an energetic performance with her broad vocal ability and repertoire. Emilia's aim is to create a memorable night, delivering great music, filling up the dance floor and captivating her audience with her stage presence. She loves to feed off the crowd's participation, encouraging her audience to give their all. Creating an amazing atmosphere and magical moments for all to share (and her band members too).

Her motto: There's no udder band like Mad Cow ... moooooo


 Perry Eves - Guitar/Vocals  

Perry Eves, alias Pezzy-E and known throughout the herd as Eddie Van Hamburger was born on a sly summers day destined for greatness!

However, alas he became a guitar player instead. He took up his first guitar at the tender age of 8 and by 12 he started knocking around bands.

Among the many bands there have been original bands such as Rock band Napoleon Blowen Apart and Progressive Rock band Emanon. Cover bands, Great Southern Land, The Oz Rock Revival Show and of course Mad Cow 1 and now his mighty return to the herd.

A man of many talents, Guitar, Counsellor, Voice Over Artist and best of all ... Bull Sh#t Artist.

But, his Mum loves him!!


 Franky Valentyn - Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals  

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Franky Furter - Franky Valentyn the newest bull in the meadow, is a veteran of the Australian club and pub scene.

In his past life he has been a Gorilla (Mad Gorilla) a Chimp (Chimps From CHUMP) a Beetle (The Beatnix) and  ... most infamously, a Nerd (Le Club Nerd).

Franky has toured Australia with The Monkees, The Shadows, Rick Wakeman and has been a pianist/Musical Director for ABC TVs Play School as well as being a composer with 3 critically acclaimed albums under his belt.

Franky is an multi-instrumentalist/vocalist who plays everything from Keyboard to Guitar and nearly everything in-between.

Franky has also been the recipient of 5 ACE Awards (2 x Solo Piano/Vocal 2 x Children's Performer and the 2019 Versatile Variety Performer) and 3 MO Awards (Best Children's Show).

He was also a finalist in the 2019 ACE Awards Club Performer Of The Year.


 Paul Eve - Bass  

Paul "Sir Loin" Eve began playing Bass at the tender age of 12 and soon scored a job working with Marty & Emu from the Super Flying Fun Show.

As he got older he knew he wanted to start playing in bands as soon as he could.

After being Knighted (he's not quite sure what for) he went on to play in many bands including originals band Stoker with Steve Mulry (Ted's brother) Shooga Katz and Wicked. Paul is an accomplished musician who's worked in the pub and club scene and also corporate events for many years.

Also studied musicianship at the Australian Music Education Board (AMEB), reaching Grade 4, he also teaches Bass. After many years of gigging he decided to take a break for a while but now he's back making a triumphant return with Mad Cow.

Paul's MO: "Laying down thick and juicy bass lines" ... he sure is a cut above the rest.


 Greg Morris - Drums/Vocals/Samples  

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Greg "The Bear" Morris (known as Barry Bovine to the rest of the herd) has been bashing away behind the drums for more than 45 years now and he's not slowing down any time soon!


During his musical career he's been in over 30 bands, from Punk Rock bands in the late 70's to original bands in the 80's and 90's.


He is a founding member of Mad Cow which earned four ACE Award nominations and gained much respect in the music industry.


Greg's goal is to continue that great success with this new line-up of Mad Cow!



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